Drivio…South Africa’s Exceptional Driving School Franchise

Drivio has come leaps and bounds since it’s first pilot store launched, Hatfield and the founder of Drivio always knew that he wanted to share the gift of Drivio!! That’s why the natural progression of franchising Drivio came so effortlessly and felt so right!! After our Hatfield store was successfully up and running the next store on the map was Moreleta. Franchising Drivio in the Moreleta area seemed like a no brainer as we were able to reach many more schools and business establishments and leverage our business tools between our two stores. Very soon thereafter we franchised out in the Sandton area, building an exceptional new store in Parkmore right by Sandton City!! And it wasn’t just a few months later that we franchised in The Vaal!

Drivio is incredibly passionate about opening more stores and we have ear marked Cape Town, Durban and PE as our next locations!!! We receive numerous requests daily of people wanting to find out more about our franchise and we love the enthusiasm however our Drivio team is very particular in who is the right candidate to be given the gift of owning their very own Drivio franchise.

If you are at the point of considering owning a franchise – fantastic news!!!! There is obviously very many reasons you have reached this point of thinking to yourself “I want to own my own franchise” and at Drivio we are very enthusiastic in the understanding of why. The ones that we feel speak the most to our franchise are:

1. Drivio has a track record of success

Drivio has developed a method of doing business that succeeds every day with proven results! Our strategy and training methodology is yielding results 3 times higher than the national average pass results – this surely tells you everything you need to know about how well our method is working!

2. Drivio has an extremely strong brand

Drivio has built an exceptional brand that embodies class, excellence and outstanding customer service. The brand only gets stronger with a first-class marketing department that is constantly revolutionizing the message, branding and reaching the consumer. Drivio’s brand is attractive, eye catching and informative which allows for the consumer to understand the message.

3. Drivio has outstanding training programs

Drivio has designed training programs that allow for growth and development of the franchised stores. Drivio’s training programs are all designed to bring their franchised stores up to speed on the most successful methods of running the business and particularly training a top class sales team.

4. Drivio has ongoing operational support

Drivio has staff dedicated to providing ongoing assistance to the franchisees. Drivio never wants our franchisees to feel as if they are alone and running their business by themselves. Drivio is available 24/7 and are always on call to support our franchisees when they are struggling or even if they just need new ideas for growing their business.

So there you have it!!! Drivio is an outstanding franchise that has not only built a phenomenal brand but is constantly supporting their current franchisees throughout the business life-cycle. So if you are considering franchising, just make sure you are considering a franchise who is willing to support you at all times and is constantly revolutionizing the brand in today’s fast changing world.

If you are interested in exploring the possibility of owning a Drivio franchise kindly direct any questions to Tannith Thompson, email address: tannith@drivio.co.za