Consequences of Cheap Driving Lessons

When it comes to learning to drive, an activity that you are learning to do for the rest of your life… are you prepared to skim on this cost and try save a couple hundred rands? South Africa is notorious for driving schools operating out of their garage with one man and his car in the hope of minimal overheads, cheap labour and therefore instructors with very little capability.

This blows our mind – because learning to drive is such an important part of ones life cycle not only to try and be the best driver they can be but also to be able to make judgments on the road that have been taught by a professional and highly skilled instructor. We’re not here to make judgemenents on driving schools who can only get business by charging ridiculous cheap rates but we want to make the public aware of the consequences of this. You have to ask yourself the question and be real with yourself – why are the driving lessons offered by other schools so cheap?

One of our main goals at Drivio is to improve the safety of our roads in South Africa and we are willing to highlight some of the facts that are not working towards that goal. What really are the consequences of you finding and going to a driving school with cheap driving lessons and is it worth it??

Instructor Skill, Capability & Motivation

Finding a cheap driving school more then likely means the driving instructor bares the brunt of the “cheap” lesson. Would you be motivated at work if you knew you were being paid less than the going rate or so poorly that every month is a struggle? Teaching students to drive is not an easy task and we acknowledge this. At Drivio we believe in rewarding our staff with the above average salary of a driving instructor not only because their professional skill is the best their is in SA but also because we believe their efforts daily out on the road deserve that reward. Always remember that you pay for what you get. If you are paying for a cheap driving instructor you will be subject to low skill, demotivated individual that really is not fulfilled. If you are paying for a highly skilled, motivated, switched on and effective driving instructor then expect to pay a rate that you believe is fair for that type of skill and commitment from your instructor.

Condition of Training Vehicle

Let’s be honest, if you are paying for cheap driving lessons do you honestly believe that the vehicle you are training in has the financial capability of being regularly serviced, tyres changed when needed, trip to the car wash when needed, breaks changed when needed and so forth? Chances are the car is probably so banged up and all services needed are completely unaffordable with charging such low rates. If your safety is a priority please do not even consider using a cheap driving school, as every time you step in that vehicle your safety could be put in jeopardy. Drivio is exceptionally proud of the upkeep and maintenance of their entire fleet always ensuring that every vehicle is 100% safe, serviced and maintained at the highest standards in order to ensure safety first of all our valued customers.

Low Level of Service = Low Demand = Cheap Driving Lessons

Chances are that the cheap driving schools give you what you pay for. Don’t expect exceptional service, welcoming staff, professional driving instructors or a well maintained vehicle if you are paying for below average? These types of driving schools due to their bad service do not get recommended or referred to friends by past customers because the experience was not great! Therefore what happens when the driving school has a low demand due to bad service… they start going other avenues to attract customers and one of these avenues is by offering cheap lessons. Red flag!!!!!!!!! Again, be realistic with yourself and understand the reasons as to why the particular driving school you have found is offering cheap lessons – it’s definitely not because they are the best! At Drivio our prices are reasonable and justifiable – we have outstanding skill, exceptionally well maintained vehicles, beautiful retail spaces whereby you can have office hour support on your learners studying and timely door to door service. You need to decide, what type of experience do you want?

Hidden Costs

You’ve now failed your drivers license due to not being fully equipped and having enough lessons with your cheap driving instructor – now what? Bet you believe not only is this a con to get you to pay for more lessons but nothing will be covered by your cheap driving instructor. Now he/she has advised you that you will need 4 or 5 more lessons – you better cough up! After all – what did you expect? You are paying for cheap driving lessons, did you expect to pass first time? Well, at Drivio in the unlikely case you do not pass first time we deem it our responsibility to ensure we set you up for your next test. We do not ask you to pay hundreds and hundreds of more rands for more lessons, otherwise CLEARLY we did not do our job!! It is our job to ensure you are fully prepared for your test – why must you now suffer if you fail? We hate a fail, but cheap driving schools love a fail because that means more lessons for them, more money they can charge you and when you are so far down the road and need a pass you can’t turn them down! If this cheap driving school does not guarantee you a pass – do not even bother using them and falling for this trap!!

Low Reputation = Low Costs

If this cheap driving school that you have found has a low reputation, of course they are going to need to do something to gain clients…. like having cheap prices. Do your homework on this driving school:

– Do they have a Facebook page that regularly updates the public with happy students who have passed
– Do they have a decent following on Facebook whereby the public is interested in their service
– Do they have testimonials on their website page of past clients
– Do they have positive Google reviews

Remember, if any of the above is not fulfilled it’s because their service is so bad that no one is interested in being positive about it – RED FLAG!!!

Be careful who you hand over the responsibility to teach you and equip you with the capability of driving. This is a lifelong activity that you are going to be carrying out and you want to be taught by a reputable and trustworthy driving school. Some things in life you can get away with skimming on, like a pair of shoes… not driving lessons that ensure your safety and lifelong security!!