Transport Month and the outstanding contribution Drivio is making to South Africa!

The year is flying by and already we have arrived at the month of October which means that South Africa is celebrating Transport Month! Since 2005 South Africa annually observe October as Transport Month. This month encompasses a celebration of the country delivering efficient, reliable and safe transport services. It’s fair to say that Drivio certainly contributes outstandingly in ensuring that every single South African who utilizes their service is receiving reliable, safe and outstanding training. With our pass rate three times higher than the national pass rate and corporate driver training that has proven to increase the safety of drivers and an advanced driving course that exceeds expectations in improving one’s driving skills – wouldn’t you say we are certainly adding value and can celebrate this month with the rest of the transport industry?

Another function that is celebrated in Transport Month is jobs created through infrastructure and service delivery programmes. Not many people know this but each Drivio store that is opened is home to roughly five to ten employees depending on size and location of the store! These employees range from Store Managers to Driver Instructors to Business Development Consultants. Is that not an incredible celebration of job creation within our growing Franchise!! Within our business model job creation is a huge contributing factor to our “why” of expanding our business. This independently means that Drivio has created jobs in Hatfield, Pretoria East, Sandton and The Vaal by expanding the business within a rapid time frame of just two years. Drivio is driving (excuse the pun) the opening of more Franchises but let us celebrate and acknowledge during this Transport Month that Drivio is committed to job creation within this sector and the more Drivio Franchises we succeed in opening, the more jobs we create!
Another outcome that is celebrated is that of development of Local Economic business in this sector. When people see Drivio and the incredible retail store, the state of the art simulators, the branding and marketing… people immediately assume this is an International brand. WHY? As fellow South Africans we need to believe in one another and the capability of the people in our country. Drivio is a proudly South African driver training Franchise!!! That’s correct!! The brilliant entrepreneur and successful businessman Thivash Moodley, a proud South African is the man who gave birth to this incredible concept and who’s business model is proving to be a hit and success in South Africa.

Another focus is that of initiatives aimed at supporting the youth and woman of South Africa. This initiative Drivio can discuss all day as it is one of our deepest passions – the Youth of South Africa. One of our core principles of our existence is ensuring that we train and support the youth in acquiring their driver license with a safe and reputable driving school. Do you remember when you were 18 years old and you faced the daunting experience of learning to drive, going to book at the testing station, dooms day on test day…. Drivio takes all of the fear out of those steps for each of their students by supplying the ultimate customer service and training preparation that sets each student up for success! This year Drivio concentrated on woman too and offered and outstanding programme to the domestic worker market giving domestic ladies the opportunity to acquire their learners and drivers license through Drivio and we are so proud to say that South Africa has incredible brave and clever domestic workers that conquered both their learner and drivers license and are now driving around town; fetching kids and groceries whilst Mom and Dad can put in a good couple of hours at the office – Is that not amazing??

It is no secret that Drivio is stealing the hearts of fellow South Africans in what they are trying to achieve, and as we celebrate Transport Month in October, we celebrate Drivio too and its undeniable contribution!