Drivio offering the best of learner and driver licence training in 2018

It has been a fantastic start of the year for our driving instructors and all of our product offerings such as the K53 learners and driving lessons. Our stores in Pretoria, Sandton and The Vaal have been buzzing and full with all of our students excited to get their learners license and drivers license.

Every single day of the week we take a number of students to the DLTC to book for their learners licence and drivers licence and each student is hopeful to pass. Well with Drivio and our exceptionally high pass rate that is exactly what happens. Our students don’t have to go online and search how to pass your learners licence or how to get your learners or how to pass drivers licence test BECAUSE we assist our students in every step of the way!!! We make it easy as 1, 2, 3 and because we have had so many happy students with a first-time pass… they are constantly recommending us to their friends and family.

Drivio is growing at a rapid rate and we are watching our customer base grow more and more every month. Not only do we offer Code B, light motor vehicle but we also offer Code A, motorbike and Code C1, light truck and Code EC, heavy truck. Further to that we offer advanced driver training and corporate driver training such as defensive driver training and forklift driver training. We have a hugely extensive product offering and that helps us reach more customers with diverse needs. Our driving lessons are exceptionally professional and by offering our students quick bookings at the DLTC this allows them comfort in being supported at the testing station.

We are thoroughly looking forward to the 2018 year ahead and if the start is anything to go by we are going to spend the year delighting many more students with a first-time pass!