Drivio – Revolutionising driving education across the country

Witness the revolution of driving lessons. How? Drivio took your average driving lessons and turned them into state-of-the-art simulation driving lessons. What? It’s like playing your favourite Playstation game only it’s real and so much more fun!

How does it work?

Drivio’s systems work similar to flight simulators teaching pilots how to fly and respond to difference scenarios in the air only you’re in a cute little car. Drivio’s driving lessons include simulator driver training, online theory training by means of e-learning, as well as on-road driver instruction with highly experienced driving instructors. This integrated process ensures that our learners become responsible and well-taught drivers.

Why Drivio?

Simulated driving does wonders for students’ confidence on the road. Without the risk of causing an accident, students can learn the rules of the road and become fully comfortable before taking to the road. That doesn’t mean normal driving lessons are discarded, simulated driving just lays a stronger foundation.

Our instructors

Drivio has experienced instructors on hand to guide each student on their journey to getting a licence. They take each student’s success on the road to heart from the learner’s test through to the driver’s test. Our instructors take their learners to book their driving tests and are on hand when they are assessed. The experience is a lot more engaging and personal. Meet our team.


Whether you’re an amateur driver or an experienced driver looking to touch up on the basics, Drivio has packages to suit every scenario. Our course combines the K53 driving standard with defensive driving as well as safe driving, practical vehicle inspections and SIPDE and more. Have a look at our packages.

How does Drivio benefit its students?

We have vowed to disrupt the driving industry forever and we are proud to say that, with a pass rate that is three times the national standard, we have succeeded. Drivio puts the fun and excitement back into driving lessons for students, young and old. Through one-on-one training, each and every student is made to feel comfortable and encouraged to walk out of our studio confidently.

But it’s not real

That, right there, is the beauty of the system. Our simulated driving system is as real as it gets on the road without all of the real dangers. Students learn how to park, switch lanes, how to keep safe driving distances and turn, everything one would learn on a real road. If taken seriously, that is.

Get me behind the wheel

No problem. Don’t let fear or uncertainty hold you back. Have a look at our packages and contact us to book your first session. There’s never been a better time or place to get your driver’s licence.    


Simulated diving lessons – The answer to learners’ struggles

For many young people getting their driver’s license can be every bit as daunting as it is exciting. Few things can beat the freedom a license can grant you. However, after the initial excitement of having passed the learner’s test, fear of the unknown sets in. What if you drive your father’s car into a wall while he’s trying to teach your or you end up with your car wrapped around a stop sign?

Allow us to set your mind at ease, young one, and introduce you to the benefits of the wonderful art that is simulated driving.

Simulated driving is much safer

Being an inexperienced driver, you needn’t be concerned about crashing into the other cars when learning to drive in simulation. While the driving lessons are designed to be every bit as real as real-life driving lessons, you won’t be injured if you accidentally forget how to change gears or how to put the car into reverse.

It’s real

Few may be skeptical at the validity of learning how to drive through simulation, however, we can assure the nay-sayers that simulated driving is every bit as challenging as the deal experience, if not more so. Students are joined on the virtual road by other motorists, learning how to keep a safe distance, switch lanes and overtake. Learners can step into a car, start it and learn the mechanics of driving in a safe and stress free environment.

It builds confidence

At the first hint of a mistake made on the real road, students tend to retreat into fear and adopt a negative mentality. Mistakes, we all make them. Learners can get comfortable behind the wheel with simulated driving and make errors without fear. Our students can therefore hit the real road with much more confidence than that of a student first learning to drive.

Students don’t put others’ lives at risk

Many parents or older siblings take up the brave job of teaching their younger family member how to drive which, due to his/her inexperience on the road, greatly increases the risk of an accident occurring. Same applies to driving instructors. Simulated driving, on the other hand, allows the learner to learn how to drive without the added pressure of having someone else’s life in his or her hands.

It is fun

For most, learning how to drive is a dreadful and nerve wracking experience. Simulated driving puts the fun back into learning how to drive. Students can take on the journey of learning how to drive with confidence and the same excitement they initially felt after having passed their learner’s exam.

Learners can pass their driver’s tests through simulated driving

Drivio boasts a near perfect pass rate, their instructors taking all students through the entire learning process right to the end with the utmost attention. Each instructor becomes a dedicated mentor and representative to each and every student that arrives at Drivio.

We offer various student packages starting from the learner’s exam through to professional driving lessons. Have a look at our packages and book your first demo session. The possibility of passing a driver’s exam has never been this real.