Corporate Driver Training at it’s Best with Drivio!

Drivio has prided itself in delivering exceptional driver training for many years now. Drivio has been the choice of a number of top logistic companies as well as companies who have internal drivers whom need training. We often get asked… why is Drivio the best driver training company in the market? What is our secret?

To be honest with you it’s not rocket science…. but we have all the winning ingredients that make Drivio the best driver training company in South Africa!! Drivio doesn’t just think that of themselves… it’s directly from our clients and our winning formula that has improved their drivers capability so much to the point that all of their unnecessary overhead costs have been minimized. Drivio has delighted so many of the companies they have trained; that training is now an ongoing part of their business!

We are happy to share some of our winning components that allows us to excel in driver training:

1. We simply have the best driving instructors

Drivio has succeeded in attracting the best driver training instructors in the country! This was not an easy task as the best driver trainers don’t always live in Gauteng… but we sure make sure that we are remunerating our instructors above the industry standards not only so we can have the best, but also that they are happy to re-locate if need be. We always want to make it worth their while so that we can have the best talent! Having the best team is a non-negotiable and Drivio not only chooses exceptionally carefully whom they hire but are willing to go above and beyond to have the best! Once Drivio acquires the best, training is ongoing allowing our team members to constantly improve their extraordinary training capability as well as keep ahead of the industry standards in our field.

2. We have an incredibly well maintained fleet always readily available for training

Drivio has a highly maintained fleet that is on standby for any training needs as they arise. Ranging from heavy trucks, to light trucks, to light motor vehicles, to motorbikes… you name it! We understand that companies are not always happy to pull their vehicles off the road for training and that’s why Drivio offers the convenience of having a full fleet on standby to train our companies! We make it our job to solve your challenges, not the other way around!

3. We have a training methodology that has proven success results

If you have ever paid a company to improve a capability in your business and you have not seen lasting results – ask for your money back today!! Drivio constantly delights the customer in presenting the impact and success of the driver training with full analysis and reporting. Drivio can provide the customer with the knowledge of understand their drivers capability before the training. Thereafter Drivio produces the results of the increase in capability of the driver. Also be aware that if there is a driver in a company that we are training who definitely should not be on the road – we are not afraid to let you know! Safety is Drivio’s main priority at all times and we never risk the lives of drivers nor our fellow South African citizens using the roads. Our top class instructors give each training candidate one on one personal attention honing in on their weaknesses and improving every aspect of their driving capability. The endless amount of feedback that Drivio has received whereby companies are saving hundreds and thousands of rands on decreased full expenditure, decreased vehicle maintenance costs, fewer breakdowns, zero complaints of their drivers on the roads and the list goes on….

4. We help companies from harming the reputation of their brand

Consumers of South Africa are speaking up now more than ever and are not afraid to go out of their way when your company has disappointed them. So it’s no big surprise that companies are working around the clock to ensure they deliver the best product, are in line with the consumer protection act and are aware of impacting their consumers surroundings. No company wants to receive constant negative feedback that one of their drivers pushed someone off the road or they didn’t indicate at a traffic light or went through a red robot. Well… it’s Drivio’s job to educate drivers on the etiquette and the rules of the road because you will be astounded to know how many of them just aren’t aware or even understand the negative impact of driving badly on our roads and upsetting the public. By increasing the awareness and understanding of the drivers during training this helps them to understand just how badly a companies reputation can be affected by reckless driving. Incorporated in that we educate them on general etiquette that allows the South Africans on the roads to understand these companies have good drivers and care about the safety of others on the roads.

5. We reduce the amount of accidents companies find themselves in

With an award winning training methodology at Drivio the number of accidents within the companies we train not only reduce exceptionally but also are no longer caused by fault of their drivers. These drivers have been so well trained that they are not only enabled to reduce chances of an accident but can kick into defensive driving mode and reduce the tragedy of an accident caused on the roads. We have all heard of those tragic accidents on the road and we are so delighted that Drivio has been able to add substantial value to the drivers on the road to handle these situations better.

6. We have the best customer service department

Drivio has a phenomenal customer service team that looks after every single customer in a unique and special way, identifying that every clients wants and needs are different. We provide the support and feedback to every customer in the way they need and are always available to communicate with the relevant parties. Providing full support is not a negotiable at Drivio – it is a way of life!

With all the above being said if you find yourself in need of driver training, make sure it is through a reputable and trustworthy driver training company. Your drivers are a massive and important asset in your company and the training of these team members is imperative.

We are always available to discuss and give our expert advise on training needs and you are more than welcome to get in touch with:

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