Drivio Is Ready for Greater Market Growth!

With the Western, Eastern Cape and Durban earmarked as priority regions for growth, Drivio is looking to extend its successful tech-enabled driver training model into new markets…

There are several factors responsible for Drivio’s success to date. Firstly, the company knows its target customers – millennial drivers – well, and has developed an interactive driver programme loaded with the latest technology that equips them to learn in a safe, interactive and stress free environment, gaining that all important first time pass! E-learning and driving simulators form the basis of the training methodology.

Next, Drivio knows exactly how to reach their customers with an outstanding marketing department that has exceeded the expectations of interacting and talking directly to the customer and getting the brand messaging out there.

“We set out to disrupt the driver training sector, and that’s exactly what we’ve managed to do,” says Drivio GM Tannith Thompson. “There are a lot of competitors out there, but we have broken the mould by creating a completely stress-free, fun and interactive environment where our customer service exceeds all client expectations.”

Gearing up to make a splash in the Cape and KwaZulu-Natal
Today, Drivio is ready to reach new heights, says Thompson. “We’re ready for a bigger bolder future – one in which we extend our reach across the country, and where the strength of our brand can really reach greater heights.”

The brand plans to focus on the Western and Eastern Cape initially, as well as Durban in KwaZulu-Natal, and has already signed up franchisees in these provinces. “We are looking for two more in each region to ensure we make a real splash when entering these markets,” says Thompson.

Prospective franchisees should be entrepreneurial and be prepared to be hands-on when it comes to managing their outlets. “Franchisee selection has been critical to our success to date,” says Thompson. “All prospective franchisees undergo pre-screening checks to ensure that they possess all the qualities we require for someone who will be at the helm at one of our incredible stores.”

Training puts franchisees in the driving seat
Drivio provides comprehensive management training for franchisees. Instructors and other staff also undergo training at head office to make sure they too are set up for success. “After completing the training, instructors spend a week with a mentor to expose them to all aspects of the product offering and sales techniques within this sector. This is all about empowering our instructors and providing an opportunity for them to benefit from referrals and their hard work,” says Thompson.

Potential students range from school children to university students, employees in the corporate sector and government employees. In fact the corporate sector is a big part of the business, and Drivio franchisees can offer advanced driving training, economic driver training and assess drivers on the road for companies – ultimately improving their driving methods.

The full spectrum of support is on offer to franchisees from Drivio’s in-house team, which handles all training and marketing as well.

Committed to making our roads safer
Drivio was launched to increase the safety of our roads by ensuring that people are taught to drive properly. With a pass rate that is three times the national average, it’s clear that this training methodology is having an impact. Driving lessons include simulator driver training, online theory training by means of e-learning, as well as on-road driver instruction with driving instructors. This integrated process ensures that learners become responsible and well-taught drivers. “By expanding into more towns and cities we are providing the means for people to get their driving licenses and learn how to drive in a safe and proactive manner,” Thompson says.

Useful Driving Hacks Every Driver Should Know About

Google Maps PinWhether you’re a first-time driver or a pro, everyone will find driving hacks useful. We’ve scoured the internet to gather some of the greatest and, in some cases, strangest driving hacks you should know about.

Drop a pin on Google Maps the moment you’ve found parking space in a crowded parking lot. This way, you won’t have to waste time searching for your car.

Ask people who drive on the same routes as you for alternative route suggestions that may help you avoid traffic.

Make good use of Apps such as Google Maps to get around. A simple GPS navigation App will save you a lot of money.

Avoid having a lot of keys on the same ring as your car key. It can damage the ignition switch.

Use a cereal dispenser as a car trash bin while driving.

On your GPS, set your home location to a destination near your house. This way, if your car gets stolen, thieves won’t be able to locate your home.

Car a bit hot in summer? Roll one window all the way down and then move over to the other side and open and close the adjacent door a few times.

You may be able to fix minor scratches on your car with clear nail polish.

Holding your car remote under your chin will increase its range.

Tilting your head to the side while driving can help with car sickness.

Not a fan of car air fresheners? Keep an open box of dryer sheets in your car; they last longer.

Take pictures of the car you are renting so that you cannot be scammed and blamed for any damages that weren’t your fault.

If you’d like to keep your windows from fogging, simply cut a clean potato in half and rub it all over the inside of the window. Leave it to dry.

Want to get rid of a sticker on your car window? Soak newspaper in warm water and cover the sticker with it for 10 minutes.

Stick a pool noodle on your garage wall if you’re prone to banging your door against the wall.

Use a bit of toothpaste to clean foggy headlights. Rub the toothpaste over the lens and rinse off with water.


One of the ultimate driving hacks remains having a driver’s licence. If you’re a learner, allow  to revolutionise driving lessons for you. With our state-of-the-art driving simulation technology, you’ll learn how to drive in a safe and comfortable environment without actually having to leave the building! Contact us to book your first driving lesson.