Our President Cyril Ramaphosa Believed in Drivio & We Believe in Him

The smiles and happy faces of two fantastic entrepreneurs right there, our President Cyril Ramaphosa and Director of Drivio, Thivash Moodley. Not so long ago, Cyril Ramaphosa as the Chairman of South African Breweries became acquainted with Drivio, Gauteng’s Number 1 Driving School when Drivio won third place in the SAB Innovation Competition. The prize money was used to fund the conceptualization of a franchise business model to Drivio. As we all know Cyril Ramaphosa has triumphed the business world with a brilliant eye on the right businesses to invest in, and Drivio being identified as a start up worth backing was an incredible achievement for Drivio!

As Drivio has grown and become a successful franchise, so our beloved Cyril Ramaphosa grew and became President of our Nation. Our Director Thivash Moodley and Cyril Rampahosa not only had in common that they are both phenomenal entrepreneurs but further to that they shared a common vision of improving the lives of the people in South Africa. Both men set out to do that many many years ago, and have accomplished so much in their time! Specifically everyday that Drivio operates, is a day that our company is:

– Providing an anti-corrupt platform for honest South Africans who want to get their license legally and have the best driving instructors to equip them effectively;
– Improving the safety of our South African people on the road by equipping learner drivers with the right skill sets to drive safely and avoid accidents;
– Contributing to our economy by giving South Africans a platform to get their driving license and thus empowering them to find decent jobs in the road freight, commuter and passenger services. Drivio helps people acquire jobs every single week by supporting them obtain their license
– Creating jobs within the Drivio Franchise and as our Franchise grows, the more jobs we have available. Drivio started out with just two employees and we now have 18 employees within Drivio
– Promoting a green economy by reducing the carbon monoxides released from our learner driver vehicles. Through the use of our driving simulators we only do 50% of the driving lessons on the road;
– Embodying a business that is utilizing technology at the forefront of it’s operations to advance in the driver trainer market and be a leader and game changer

Drivio continues to flourish every single day and we will continue to contribute to our economy and change the lives of South Africans!

Just as Cyril Ramaphosa believed in Drivio and backed us, we back him and believe he will do phenomenal work as our President.

We are ready and continue to focus our efforts… on making South Africa great again!