Smashing first-time experience at Drivio

As a student myself, I know how you must feel. A mixture of fear and excitement plagues you every day you procrastinate, starting from the fear of failing your learner’s to the even bigger fear of failing on the road.

Then I heard about Drivio from a friend and decided to have a look. Can’t do harm right?

First impression

The moment I entered the store I got a sense of open space, light and confidence. A friendly instructor greeted me as I entered and there was something about his smile that set me at ease immediately.  In the corner, I noticed the quant, fire-engine red car, this so-called driving simulator. Even the floor beneath my feet was made to imitate a gravel road.

Step 1: Learner’s Test

Their state of the art program took me through all of the standard road signs, warnings, what to do, how to do it and when to do it. Everything you need to know about driving. While it certainly felt overwhelming at first, the calm voice on the computer asking its engaging questions reassured me. That was until I failed my first test on the PC. The instructor smiled and told me that there’s no need to fear. Their tests are programmed to be more challenging than the real deal, this way if you pass Drivio’s test, you’re bound to pass the real test. Made sense to me.

Step 2: Simulated car experience

Boy, they weren’t kidding when they said it’s every bit as real as driving on the road. I realised that fact when the instructor had to remind me to put down my hand brake in order to actually get the car moving. Sure, it looks and feels almost like an arcade game but, let me tell you, don’t underestimate its difficulty.

The instructor patiently went through all the instructions until I finally managed to pull away and ride straight into a car having turned onto the wrong road. Best thing? We got to laugh about it and try again, no one got hurt.

That right there is why I love the concept of simulated driving. It takes the stress out of learning how to drive and puts the fun right back into it. You get to practice, practice, practice until you’re ready to get on the road.

Step 3: Hit the road

I was proud to say that I could face the bustling streets of Sandton with confidence after having undergone a series of simulated driving lessons. With the same instructor, sitting by my side, I was able to acquaint myself with the road before hitting my final exam.

Step 4: Pass the Driver’s test

With a Drivio instructor accompanying me, giving me thumbs up all the way, I was able to confidently face my driver’s test and pass it the first time round. My instructor really made the journey a great one and followed my progress from the beginning right through to a congratulatory post on their Facebook page.


Thank you, Drivio. I’ll definitely recommend it to every learner.

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