Reasons why students fail their learner’s permit exam


You’re itching to learn how to drive but unfortunately you have to overcome the tiensie weensie pothole of passing your learner’s permit exam. Which means you need to study and familiarise yourself with the rules of the road before you can hit said road. Hey, there are steps to everything in life, we all want to matriculate but we need to pass the eleventh grade first.

Being passionate driving instructors in the industry, we took it upon ourselves to learn what elements might cause students to fail their learner’s permit exam and enlighten you so you can hit the exam giving your best shot.

Yeah, no, cramming isn’t going to work

Just like any exam, you need to manage your study time to ensure that you cover everything in a timely fashion. You can’t use the night before the exam to cram countless rules, signs and signals. Give yourself enough time to study, at least a month or so in advance.

Students don’t test themselves often enough

Hop online and see where you can download and do practice tests to prepare for the exam. Ask a friend or a family member to quiz you at various times and instances. When riding in a car, take note of the signs around you. Ask a licenced driver to explain what they are doing and why they’re doing it.

Students don’t know what to expect

A shock many students have experienced is the fact that the test in South Africa is now conducted on computers. You need to know what to expect when entering the test, this way you’ll be much calmer.

Anxiety takes control of the wheel

No matter the kind of exam, anxiety has been at the root of many failures. The key is to prepare and stay calm. If you find it difficult to cope with the anxiety, here are a few things you can do:

Take a few deep breaths

Remember that you can take the exam again. Failing won’t mean you’ll have to redo a school year – Relax

Study with a friend or an experienced driver to set yourself at ease. There’s no need to struggle alone.

Solution to all of the above? Contact Drivio and let our experienced driving instructors help you ace your test!

Drivio’s interactive e-learning system brings theory to life. With us, you can earn your learner’s permit faster than you’ve thought possible. Have a look at our packages!

Remember, you’re not studying just to pass the exam and gain your ticket to driving lessons; you are going to be using these rules throughout your life on the road.


How to ace your driver’s test with Drivio

Congratulations on passing your learner’s exam. It’s exciting times for you! You now 04have a licence to learn, but, where? With a host of driving schools and instructors vying for your attention, where do you go? What are the next steps? Well, step one: visit Drivio to start your driving lessons.

Our driving instructors are all committed to you and will invest their time and every effort to helping you through your learning journey. We greet you with a smile on the first day and wait for you with thumbs up at the ready when you take your test.

Let us take you through a few basic steps to show you how you can ace your driving test with Drivio.

  1. Visit a Drivio branch to book your lessons. We have branches located in Hatfield and Moreleta Square in Pretoria as well as in Sandton and Vaal.
  2. Step into the simulator. We will take the stress out of learning how to drive with our state-of-the-art simulator training.
  3. Now the real fun begins. Within only eight hours in our simulator you will have built your confidence and gained a repertoire of skills you will need in real-world situations.
  4. Your skilled driving instructor will take you through the training and assess your progress as you go along.
  5. Your instructor will make use of printable progress reports to identify areas that require more practice.
  6. Don’t fret, if you’re still a bit uncomfortable, you can repeat sections until you are fully confident.
  7. Now that you’ve mastered all of the lessons and assessments in the simulator, you are ready to take to the road.
  8. Depending on your confidence and skill level, you may require between five and thirteen lessons with a certified K53 driving instructor in order to familiarise yourself with the traffic environment.
  9. At Drivio, we can tailor your lesson plan to suit your unique training requirements in order to minimise hours and costs.
  10. You are most welcome to arrange additional lessons if you so wish.
  11. Book your test because you are ready to drive!
  12. We can assist you with hiring a car and conducting your pre-test lesson on the day of your test.
  13. Enter your driving test, give it your best and we will be waiting on the other side.


See, it’s as easy as one, two, go! At Drivio, we put the fun back into learning how to drive. If you’re interested in booking your lessons, visit our lessons page to have a look at our packages.